Celebrating our NHS: Southampton Stories on Film at God’s House Tower

Celebrating our NHS: Southampton Stories on Film at God’s House Tower

Since 2013 Southampton Keep Our NHS Public (SKONP) has been campaigning on streets, lobbying MPs and raising public awareness about the threats posed to the NHS through privatisation. As a local branch of Keep Our NHS Public, SKONP works to advocate the values of the NHS: publicly owned, accountable, funded from general taxation, publicly provided according to need and free for all.

As well as being a critical friend of the NHS, SKONP celebrates its work and workers and aims to educate the public on its contribution.

This exhibition, running at God’s House Tower from today (July 1) to Sunday (July 3) shares eight films made to celebrate our NHS in Southampton by students of Solent University’s Television Production course in collaboration with SKONP. They feature stories collected from Southampton-based NHS patients and staff, celebrating OUR NHS.  The films featured are: The Workhouse – Dr Reynolds GP, My NHS – Jane Freeland’s story, Blood Donor Services – Mike Doswell, manager, Windrush – Beverley Dowdell, former nurse, A Consultant’s Tale – Prof Bhaskar Somani, Long-term Eye Care – Pat Dennett’s story, Midwife’s Tale – Maggie Mason, retired midwife, Thank You NHS – Alan Dennett’s story , (Total running time: 35 minutes).

Follow the link to read more about the people who have contributed to these films Our NHS – Film Contributors

You are also invited for an evening of film and discussion, honouring those who have come to Southampton to contribute to the NHS on Saturday 9th July from 6pm Come and tell YOUR story! The evening will be chaired by Maggie Harding, a member of the SKONP committee who was involved in the making of the films.

The discussion will feature a panel comprised of: Dr Cheryl Butler (local historian), Beverley Dowdell (retired nurse and Chair of Black Heritage, originally from Jamaica) and Vilma Scott (retired nurse, also from Jamaica)

Tickets are free and can be booked via Eventbrite 

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