Community talent is to be celebrated at Theatre Royal Winchester

Community talent is to be celebrated at Theatre Royal Winchester

Playmakers is hosting a celebration of community talent with their Local Talent Night at Theatre Royal Winchester on Tuesday 13 September.

The evening’s line-up, which includes music, song, spoken word and dance, showcases emerging homegrown talent as well as acts new to the city.

Harry Corrie is a performance poet whose work tackles cultural issues and forces people to think about the world around them, while being witty and full of flair. He is currently studying BA Creative Writing and performs at open mic nights and festivals.

Majid Dhana is a poet and visual artist originally from Zimbabwe who focuses on human-nature and human-human interactions and wellbeing – in a bid to inspire positive personal and social change in his surrounding community.

Free Birds is an Iranian dance group who tell their story through dance and culture.

Nabz is a local refugee from Iraq who has played the oud – a short-necked lute-type stringed instrument, famous in Arabic countries and the Middle East – for over five years. Nabz has performed across the UK.

Joel Stobbs is a singer songwriter influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and Billy Bragg – with a catalogue of original songs about activism and political issues performed on the acoustic guitar and accompanied on the cajon.

The Ukrainian Female Choir consists of women who left Ukraine due to the war and came to Winchester. It is made up of many talents and the women have come together to support the Ukrainian people.

The Twin Monsters ( pictured top) are pianists whose style and approach to playing the instrument is filled with compassion, sincerity, life and ambition.

A number of the acts have performed at Hat Fair, at other venues across the city and at previous Playmakers events.

Playmakers is a range of community engagement and creative learning programmes, which includes a vibrant youth theatre and is part of the arts and education charity, Play to the Crowd.


  • Local Talent Night will be at Theatre Royal Winchester on Tuesday 13 September at 7pm.


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