Do you want to own a bookshop? This could be your chance.

Do you want to own a bookshop? This could be your chance.

Have you always wanted to own a bookshop? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to be more active in your local community. If you want to be part of an unusual community project that helps make Southampton a more vibrant place to live, October Book’s community shares could be what you are looking for.

Independent radical bookstore October Books, in Portswood, Southampton, is launching an investment opportunity for people to buy community shares and become part of the bookshop.This will run from the 1st October 2022 to the 31st October 2022.

Whether you are a long standing customer, a passing browser, or just love the idea of being involved in a community business, October Books are inviting people to invest in equity shares and become a member-owner of their society and bookshop.

But what are community shares? In short, they are a fantastic way for people to start up, invest in, and keep community projects and businesses that they care about up and running. This is a different way of investing that is focused on community engagement, social change, and improving the services available to your local community.

October Books is launching their share offer on the first of 1st October 2022 and this will run until the 31st of October.

Jamie Cooper, a committee member at October Books, explained: “The share offer will help us secure the future of October Books in our new location, enable us to expand what we can offer to the community, and use our position within it to improve all aspects of the local area. It will additionally enable us to apply for more funding in the future, both help the shop grow, and allow us to help grassroots projects get off the ground. The future is exciting and full of possibilities. We’d love you to be part of it with us!”



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