Write a Note Poetry, September: Jo Fisher, Bobby Looga and Jack Dale and Bastien Terraz

Write a Note Poetry, September: Jo Fisher, Bobby Looga and Jack Dale and Bastien Terraz

by Anita Foxall.

After a month’s break, Write a Note poetry evening returned in full force in September. Twelves poets read their words to a very attentive engaging audience.

It was a busy dynamic evening with splendid spoken word and music. Meet two of the regular poets who attended the event and kindly agreed to share some of their work.


Bobby Looga

“Hatched under laboratory conditions, for the purpose of testing eye-liner and cigars; I was discarded when my fontanelle closed up,” says Bobby.

“Having snuck unnoticed into a baby factory, I was named onomatopoetically after the sound of my yellow plastic trumpet. I developed a condition where words fell out of my face, some of which I fling around to this day.”


The final tock of

    the doomsday clock groans nearer

Fireworks at midnight

       by cloudy mushroom

 gaslight; brown shirt renaissance

sewn by the unfit


   Callused fingertips

making shitty christmas gifts

 for some other kid

(until they float off 

    or sink. Detritus. Flotsam

dropped in remapped seas)


    Causing a shortage

of what you always wanted

         to bin off by Spring

But loss is covered

   unnatural disasters


      count as acts of god


A comedian

    kisses a dancer, the most

  horrid of horrors

while the minister’s

mistress noshes him off in

       the Foreign Office

That’s their own business

   just “Boris being Boris”

     – bare faced dishonest


Get back in the fridge.


[insert snowflake emoji]






A shiny red mould

    for impressing sand starfish

  part of a mosaic

  of driftwood and shells

of iPhones, doll parts, johnnies

Crocs™, bucket and spade,


beached children. You heard

     what happened on Love Island?

     Sam is such a mug

Phillip Schofield, eh?

  and that Holly Willoughby 

The queue jumping scum


X drops his shorts at

   a charity kickabout

a sickening sight

    or was it Y, caught

  getting his tackle out for

 the public to judge?


        seething  quacks’ backstreet 


         and Oxford commas.

    scat views on the news

of the screws, clutched pearls and straws,

         the next Dr Who, 

    who knocked up who, who

          got cucked, lager louts, dark ops


            Let me add that to

                the list of things to give a

         flying fuck about



Jo Fisher

Jo Fisher is a writer, editor, poet, artist and general culture lover who has lived in Southampton for more than a decade. She first took to the mic to share her words at Write A Note in early 2018; since then, she has enjoyed performing at various events in Southampton and around Hampshire. Her proudest moment so far was appearing at the Royal Albert Hall for the 2019 Hammer & Tongue National Slam Finals, having won the Solent regional finals in December 2018. 

A professional copywriter and editor by day, Jo also enjoys working on non-fiction essays,  reviews and freelance projects in her spare time, alongside her poetry. When she’s not wrangling with words, she loves dabbling in art, reading, eating good food and engaging with all Southampton has to offer. You’ll usually find her in one of the city’s galleries, museums, theatres or cafes. 

Twitter: @jo_fisher_

Instagram: @jo_fisher_

Facebook: Jo Fisher Writes

Website: jofisherwrites.com/


Number 21

 Fill this space with the little moments

that come upon a Sunday morning

when the light is not yet full of warmth

but emerging and climbing upon the rungs of the potential of the day.

Make an average cup of tea and feel the cheapness of the carpet under your feet

as you would cut grass. Leave a wake of once-worn laundry and

well-worn shoes behind you.

This is sacred space, but it is no shrine.

Do not fear the day you grow too large for these little rooms.

You will cry, but you cannot truly live

when you are bent double, arms sprouting from windows,

cheeks pushed against glass having gorged on life like Eat Me cake.

Cast it off, like a shell, a home ready for the next,

and move on and do the same to somewhere else

just as special.



Jake Dale & Bastien Terraz

Duo Jack Dale and Bastien Terraz (pictured top) delighted us with their music. It was amazing and humbling to see how the crowd was hypnotised and how much loved they showed the musicians.

Jack and Bas started working on their EP, The Youngest Son, over the first lockdown by exchanging tunes and lyrics and they ended up making a whole album. They have been playing in various local venues, as well as festivals over the summer, and their country-blues sound is truly magnificent. So make sure you don’t miss their coming events.

Facebook:  Facebook.com/jackdalemusic

Youtube: YouTube.com/jackdalemusic



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Anita Foxall