Review: Paul Young and Los Pacaminos at The Brook, Southampton

Review: Paul Young and Los Pacaminos at The Brook, Southampton

words and pictures: Peter Nicholson.

During the lead up to The Brook show, I had the privilege of interviewing Paul Young for In Common. So, when I arrived at the Southampton venue for tonight’s gig, I went backstage to say hello to the band before the show. While chatting with the band I realised that they’d played the Brook more than 20 times in their thirty-year history. “It’s a bit of a home from home for us, it’s always great fun here”.

I photographed the band last summer, and was looking forward to shooting their show again. Having grown up with Paul Young’s music, I couldn’t resist asking for the obligatory “selfie”, he smiled as I snapped a shot, such a gent. One for the memory book.

Photos: Peter Nicholson –

As I went downstairs, the crowd had really started to build, and, right on time, the eight-piece band walked through the sliding door at the back of the stage. It took a while to get themselves set up, but when the dimmed lights came up, the band stood in their usual positions, with their backs to the audience. When they turned round in unison to face the crowd, the cheers went up and the band all began to smile. They were clearly enjoying their return to Southampton.

There was no doubting the musical skills on display, and certainly no shortage of singing talent! The songs were fun, engaging and the crowd warmed to the band immediately. Even the ever-friendly Brook security staff couldn’t resist a sneaky dance! “Tequila-Time” is a regular slot during the show, as the band all knock back a shot… purely in the interests of entertainment! 

When I spoke with Paul last month, I’d asked him if this part of his extensive musical journey was something he was particularly enjoying. He told me that he was so proud of the band and really enjoyed making music with them. It was obviously to see. Some bands seem to have a certain connection, both on and off stage, but with Los Pacaminos I got the impression it went far deeper. This looked like a group of close friends, having a great time, making music they love. 

I get to meet lots of musicians, but Los Pacaminos are the friendliest, most down-to-earth and nicest guys you could want to meet.  If you were at the Brook last night (November 11), I’m sure you’d have had a fantastic time. A great band, at a great venue.

To sum it up in a few words: They’re clearly loving what they’re doing!!





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