MAST Mayflower Studios to co-produce Frantic Assembly and Lemn Sissay’s Metamorphosis

MAST Mayflower Studios to co-produce Frantic Assembly and Lemn Sissay’s Metamorphosis

MAST Mayflower Studios will be co-producing Frantic Assembly’s collaboration with Lemn Sissay OBE on a new adaptation of Franz Kafka’s shocking tale of cruelty and kindness, Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is an inherently visceral production about the limitations of the body and the mind, of imagination and aspiration.

It has a rich and intense physicality that extends far beyond one character’s sudden transformation and aches with the desire to break free, and the violence of its suppression.

This, coupled with the fluidity and lyricism of Lemn Sissay’s adaptation and the uncompromising physicality of Frantic Assembly, promises an exciting and dynamic show.

Metamorphosis sits aside Frantic Assembly’s Othello as the second production in their Iconic strand of work, which sees the company take on titles that bring with them history and baggage, love and opinion and create vital, thrilling contemporary theatre.

Kafka’s Metamorphosis has burnt itself deep into our psyche.

It is absurd and horrific. It is tragic and heart breaking.

Gregor Samsa finds himself transformed from bread winner into burden. It is a devastating portrayal of a man trapped and crushed under the heel of a system that no longer finds him useful.

This is Frantic Assembly’s first new production since 2019’s, I Think We Are Alone, and is a co-production with Theatre Royal Plymouth, Curve, MAST Mayflower Studios and Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.

Frantic are renowned for their use of physicality and movement in their work and Metamorphosis will be no different.

Metamorphosis will run at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre from 19 January –11 February 2023.

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