DMA’S come to Bournemouth’s O2 Academy on tour ahead of album How Many Dreams?

DMA’S come to Bournemouth’s O2 Academy on tour ahead of album How Many Dreams?

DMA’S are on the road this spring, and coming to Bournemouth’s O2 Academy on April 7.

They recently released new single Fading Like a Picture from their forthcoming album How Many Dreams?, due out on March 31. Previous releases from the album, Olympia and Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s the Weekend – the latter of which is nominated for Radio X’s Record Of The Year 2022 – have made clear the band’s intentions to take down barriers, entangle the broad palette of their collective influences, and push to write their most sprawling and ambitious album to date.

It has been a period of re-discovery for the band. Guitarist Johnny Took comments: “Our palette for this album was a lot broader because we’ve learned so much since our debut and we’ve listened to so much more music between then and now, which has shaped us. It felt like a first outing all over again. The excitement was the same.”

Like previous track ‘Olympia’, ‘Fading Like A Picture’ is built around a Matt Mason guitar riff.

Took continues: “Tommy wrote the majority of this song to an obscure demo I made during lockdown. When we all came together to demo it, Mason added one of my favourite guitar riffs on the new album, and we used the middle-eight from another demo as the chorus. A true DMA’S collaboration.”

For tickets to all dates on the tour click here.

  • Photo credit: Kalpesh Lathigra


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