Art historian and artist Lynne Gibson to give a series of talks on colour in March

Art historian and artist Lynne Gibson to give a series of talks on colour in March

In March the Arts Society, Southampton, is holding  three talks by art historian and artist, Lynne Gibson, to appeal to art history enthusiasts and artists alike; the story of the search for colour, and its symbolism, science and psychology.

The event tales place on March 3rd at MAST Mayflower Studios in Southampton.

We live in a colourful, modern world and take colour for granted. But the challenge to find long-lasting paints and dyes – some costlier than gold, others deadly poisonous, and many fading even before they reached the walls of the Royal Academy – has preoccupied mankind since the dawn of civilization.

What do different colours symbolise and what is the significance of different artists’ choice of colour?

Lynne will tell the story in three colour-themed talks Feeling Blue, The Peril of Yellow and Seeing Red.

Along the way, audiences will discover a colourful assortment of facts: which dye was reserved for the Roman Senate, why Turner chose Iodine Scarlet for the setting sun in his Fighting Temeraire and which colour drove some artists mad. Lynne will bring along pigments and dyes to illustrate her talks.

Tickets are priced £35, and  include morning refreshments and three talks.

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