Lord of the Lost to play Southampton’s 1865 in September

Lord of the Lost to play Southampton’s 1865 in September

Genre-bending German gothic metal band Lord of the Lost will be coming to Southampton’s 1865 on September 26.

Over the past 13 years, the name Lord of the Lost has embedded itself into the top-tier of dark and heavy music. Juggling elements of metal, industrial, glam, rock and pop, the group have kept reinventing themselves both musically and visually, leading to rising national and international success.

 With a solid back catalogue of albums under their belts including Empyrean, Thornstar, Judas and recent release Blood & Glitter, which jumped to #1 in the German album charts after only six-days of pre-order, Lord of the Lost aren’t shy of gaining the liking of the masses.

 Renowned for live performances that exude endless energy, Lord of the Lost draw in crowds that resemble a family-like community and the band have toured Europe multiple times. In 2022 they were invited to join legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden on an extensive tour that saw 18 shows across 16 different countries, and at the end of the year they embarked on their own six week-long ‘Homecoming Tour’ across the continent which sold out almost entirely. 

For tickets and more information, click here: the1865.store

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