Review: Ri Baroche – Drag ‘n’ Drop, The Art House, Southampton, March 2

Review: Ri Baroche – Drag ‘n’ Drop, The Art House, Southampton, March 2

words and pictures by Anita Foxall.

Drag ‘n’ Drop, a drag musical-comedy, is Ri Baroche’s new show. They performed it at The Art House, Southampton, on  2nd March for the first time as a warm up for their upcoming show at the Brighton FemFest on 7th March, but also as a fundraiser for the Brianna Ghey Fund and Mermaids UK charity.

This is a very powerful show centred on gender, which was approached in a very concerned, biting but witty manner. There are, however, other subjects covered, such as quantum physics – a theme you would probably not expect at a drag show, but it did certainly bring an educational vibe to the evening, while largely linked to the main theme, gender.

The exuberant and glamorous Dragona started the show by walking down The Art House stairs greeting us with beauty and music.

Dragona proceeds to explain that Drag ‘n’ Drop is their business company, a moving company, with the following jingle: “Drag and drop, we move your things then we stop”, which meant we were not audience in a show, we were ‘bystanders’ in a ‘job’, not a show.

Drop the other business partner was running late, so Dragona entertained us with witty comments, worldviews, quantum physics, opinions and music.

And when Dragona sang, it was absolutely breath-taking, which is not surprising as Ri Baroche is a fabulous singer, as well as a instrumentalist and a poet; and I am sure the list will get longer as their career progresses further.

There were songs about wanting to be a dancing queen, about nature-compatible tits, about being a lesbian with a penis (dedicated to Ricky Gervais in this show I’m sorry, ‘job’).

I will not reveal too much, so if you want to know if Drop eventually turns up or not, you’ll have to go and watch the next show (job).

Anna Muir was the opening act opening act. She has a beautiful voice and sang some covers and originals with a variety of themes: how she can’t keep a house plant alive, or a song about a slutty friend (she reassured us this song was in fact his idea).

It was amazing to see so many people attending and contributing to these incredible causes and supporting this new amazing show. So if/when you have the chance to see it, make sure you don’t miss it.


Link to tickets for FemFest show: OutSavvy – Drag ‘n’ Drop! – FEMFEST 2023 Tickets, Tuesday 7th March 2023 at 08:00 PM – Brighton | OutSavvy


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