Gift a seat to the Kyiv City Ballet to Ukranian families

Gift a seat to the Kyiv City Ballet to Ukranian families

In February last year, the celebrated Kyiv City Ballet left Ukraine’s capital for a much-anticipated tour of France – just a day later Russia invaded, leaving the company stranded and unable to return home.

Over a year on, the war still rages and these exceptional dancers remain in exile.

But with extraordinary resilience, the company has gone from strength to strength, training daily, devising new programmes, reprising classic works and thrilling those able to see them.

The Mayflower Theatre will be welcoming this incredible group of artists for a gala performance on their first ever tour of the UK.

A varied programme of excerpts from some of their favourite pieces, this promises to be a unique occasion and a chance to show your support for the people of Ukraine.

“When we had the opportunity to present the Kyiv City Ballet here in Southampton, we jumped at the chance to bring this internationally renowned company to our stage,” explains Michael Ockwell, Chief Executive, Mayflower Theatre & MAST Mayflower Studios.

“Without a chance to perform in their home country, this company need all the support they can get to keep going until they can perform again in Ukraine.

“Dance is a very accessible form of theatre as audiences can engage without language barriers.

“We are currently reaching out to local Ukrainian organisations to offer tickets for refugee families to attend the performance, and as part of this I would like to ask local businesses if they would be able to gift a seat.

“Mayflower Theatre will also be donating any surpluses we make to Ukrainian charities from the event.

“To be very clear, the ticket sales are there to support Kyiv City Ballet. This is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to galvanise around one event to show their support for a great cause.”

If you, or your business, would like to gift a seat please go to

Tickets for An Evening With Kyiv City Ballet – Tribute to Peace (Thursday 20 April 2023) are on sale at or 02380 711811.

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