Roller derby – Southampton City Rollers vs Brighton Rockerbillies, Haywards Heath, March 25

Roller derby – Southampton City Rollers vs Brighton Rockerbillies, Haywards Heath, March 25

by Joy McKay.

Roller derby had a riotous return when our own Southampton City Rollers took on the Brighton Rockerbillies at a sold out game in Haywards Heath at the weekend. In their new uniforms, debuted at the weekend, they looked like a true team ready to have a great game.

Brighton Rockers are a large and successful league with three teams so Southampton City Rollers, affectionately known as SC*R, were definitely the underdogs. This was the first time the team, having been formed ten years ago this October, have actually fielded a full team without any guests. The 12 strong squad of skaters was supported by four members of non-skating bench crew who organise line-ups for each jam and give strategic instruction for skaters on track.

The game was hard, facing Brighton skaters who also were crossover players on the Rockers A team but our locals held their own. The home team also had an advantage in that they had a full roster of 15 which can make a real difference in the second half when skaters are getting bashed and bruised and tired. But for their first bout since before Covid SC*R made Southampton proud. Supporters for both teams packed the bleachers and were incredibly loud and enthusiastic in their support.

The team played well and never gave up, despite being unable to match the scoring of the opposing jammers. Yet they didn’t make it easy managing to get points themselves and holding back the Rockerbillies jammers on many occasions. They also made effective use of star passes, a strategy they had drilled in training. The scoreline may not have reflected it but SC*R definitely felt like winners for competing so well at their first real bout. Well deserved awards were given to Slam Vimes for Best Jammer, Missy Ratic for Best Blocker and Hanna Von Slamma for Most Valuable Player.

This is just the start of SC*Rs return to the track as they are taking part in a tournament hosted by Suffolk Roller Derby next month. They will be open to recruiting new skaters soon so follow on Facebook to hear when and where.

For more information, visit: or find the team’s Facebook page here.

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