Chappaqua Wrestling begin their May tour in Southampton’s Heartbreakers

Chappaqua Wrestling begin their May tour in Southampton’s Heartbreakers

Having completely sold out their first UK headline tour last October, Chappaqua Wrestling will be on the road again in May, coming to Southampton’s Heartbreakers on May 16, before heading to London, Oxford, Bristol and more, ending their tour in Glasgow.

They recently launched new single ’Need You No More’ from their forthcoming debut album, Plus Ultra, following next month on 14th April. Its accompanying video is the third to be taken from their live performance series “On Ice.”

As the band have introduced the world to their debut full length offering Plus Ultra with singles such as ‘Full Round Table’, ‘Wayfinding’ and ‘Wide Asleep’, a snapshot of the band’s headspace has come into clearer focus. They sing about corrupt politicians, the power of freewheeling revelry, and lambast social media’s ability to warp minds. With the arrival of ‘Need You No More’ we see the band striding into a freer and easier mindset, finally able to celebrate an ending and the closing of a chapter.

The band explains: “We wanted a song that is pure energy, pure elation and pure vibe, and we recorded it all live in one room together, lights off, getting rid of the prior considerations. Its message gets close to a love song, but its oxymoron-laced lyrics and rawness gave us the hedonistic release that we needed. Sometimes it’s more difficult to switch off than to stay on, so ecstatically enjoying the present moment when we can is something we should all celebrate.”


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