Joe Bonamassa comes to Bournemouth following the release of Tales of Time

Joe Bonamassa comes to Bournemouth following the release of Tales of Time

 by Peter Nicholson.

Joe Bonamassa’s latest album, Tales of Time, comes out on Thursday, April 14th, ahead of a concert in Bournemouth next month.

It’s difficult to image a more spectacular setting for a live show that Red Rocks in Colorado. This iconic location was the backdrop for Tales of Time for a performer who can only be described as the 21st century’s personification of Blues Rock. This album is nothing short of Bonamassa at his absolute best.

With many songs on the live album that will be familiar to his loyal fanbase, it’s always a challenge for any artist to add another dimension to the live performance in order to make sure fans know they are getting something new from songs they know. This succeeds on so many levels. Not only can you hear the undeniable talent that has been honed over the years, you can feel the input of the presence of the audience which adds to the performance. Joe has been around for years. In 1989 he was tasked with opening for the Blues God named BB King and he’s gone on to create his own path to Blues greatness since then. Seemingly effortless playing and that distinctive voice, whether live or from the studio is unmistakable.

Backed by musicians that are certainly the best in the business, this collection of formats for this concert could hardly fail to impress. And impress it certainly does. Any Blues rock fan will love this album and surely feel the atmosphere when watching the video.

Joe begins a huge European tour on the 19th April in Helsinki which takes him through to July when he returns to the USA. The good news is that the tour comes to the BIC, Bournemouth on the 9th May. This is the only show on the south coast, so be quick to get your tickets. Artists like this have to be on anyone’s must-see list!

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