Artists’ contributions sought for Gender, Mobility & Technology exhibition at University of Southampton

Artists’ contributions sought for Gender, Mobility & Technology exhibition at University of Southampton

Calling all artists!

A group or researchers at The University of Southampton known as Close the Data Gap have been sponsored by the Web Science Institute and are looking for Artwork for their new exhibition exploring Gender, Mobility and Technology.  

How do you experience your everyday journeys? Walking the kids to school; getting home from work (or a night out!); going for a run at dusk or dawn? Do you rely on technology for planning, optimising, connection or to feel safe? Do you use social media for journey info or to share your experience?

Joy McKay, one of the exhibition organisers, said: “We believe active travel and using transport and technology is a gendered experience and would love to understand your stories and experiences through the medium of visual arts.We welcome artworks that celebrate positive journeys as well as those that represent more challenging experiences and recognise whatever your gender identity, you have a story worth telling.”

Any medium or method is welcome for a two venue physical exhibition in the summer and an online exhibition. In addition to taking part in this novel event there is £500 of prize money available. 

The work should consider the themes of gender and mobility. Of particular interest are artworks which also incorporate, in some way, digital technologies such as the internet, social media, electronic tools, automatic systems, technological devices and resources that generate process or store information. For example, you could be inspired by a social media post to create a painting or stitch an embroidery based on how you might use a mobile App to plan a journey. You could also look at creating your artwork using AI or p5js.

If you have any queries about the technology element of your work or the creative medium you wish to use, you are invited to contact the organisers.

For more information, visit, the Facebook page or email Joy McKay ( for further details and how to make a submission.

Submission Deadline: 30th June 2023.

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