A Southampton Summer Night comes to Turner Sims this week

A Southampton Summer Night comes to Turner Sims this week

It’s time to pack your picnic and dust off your dancing shoes – A Southampton Summer Night is  back this Friday (July 14th).

This year, Turner Sims invited The Art House CIC to guest curate the evening, and once again it’s a perfect celebration of the wealth of unique musical talent in Southampton.

Start your evening in the Turner Sims Foyer, as four fully grown humans play dark tunes on ridiculously small instruments. Babsie Brown and The Miniature Orchestra are taking over the world via the medium of tiny things. It looks kind of funny, but sounds remarkably rad.

Spitdust create cinematic soundscapes from a patchwork of original modern folk and experimental rock, whilst Albert De Lyon treats audiences to a roarsome interval with his purr-sonable chinwag and paw-tapping tunes.

If that’s not enough, there will be a showcase from Southampton-based singer Pip Summers and her Wandering Waterbears, with DJ Sir Hubert Carpet closing the night with his tribal beats, electronic textures, psytrance and an ethereal worldbeat fusion with a smattering of ambient house.

Book your tickets for Friday 14th July here: https://www.turnersims.co.uk/events/a-southampton-summer-night-2023.


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