Review – Spontaneous Potter Kidz – Theatre Royal Winchester, October 22

Review – Spontaneous Potter Kidz – Theatre Royal Winchester, October 22

By Charlotte Ndupuechi

As so many shows now ask people not to join in and singing along can mean you are asked to leave, this show was a refreshing change. Spontaneous Potter Kidz was like Harry Potter meets the old 90’s TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? 

Four actors took to the stage in a totally improvised comedy show. Supported by a pianist, they very cleverly adapted the story and music to the very random requests of the audience. 

The audience was very keen to get involved, at every point there was a vast number of hands shooting up with a willingness to participate. The first scene kicked off by asking a very sweet-looking girl with a pink T-shirt on, what the three-headed dog specialist subject should be. She very loudly answered “Wee!” And that wasn’t even the naughtiest word to come out of the mouths of the children. 

The performers did a great job of weaving the requests into the storyline. The gingerbread man, Jamaica, and even Jeff Bezos were effortlessly incorporated into a magical wizarding world. 

This was a great show to introduce children to the theatre. No interval, lots of laughter, shouting out, and people young and old throwing their hands in the air ready with their suggestions. Marvellous for the imagination!

A credit to the theatre company for putting this on and at such an affordable price. A lovely way to start the half term. It is always worth checking out what Theatre Royal Winchester has to offer – not only will you have a fab time, but you’ll also be supporting a great theatre. 

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