Preview: FASAT Pantomime: Hail Caesar, Freemantle Community Centre, Southampton

Preview: FASAT Pantomime: Hail Caesar, Freemantle Community Centre, Southampton

The Freemantle and Shirley Amateur Theatrical Society’s pantomime this year is set way back in the past, in the times of the Roman’s invasion… in fact, in 55 BC (Before Covid!)

The scene is set in the ‘Prologue’ by Lurkio Ludicrous, a poor downtrodden Roman slave. He will help you along with the story, and will guide you on who to ‘Boo’ and who to… ‘Salute’!

The story begins in ancient Britannicus at the Dungmore Village Hall where the ladies of the WI are keen to do something about the Roman menace plaguing their village, and decide to take matters into their own hands and travel to Rome and threaten Caesar!

They are soon scared into hiding by the Roman Army Commander, Gluteus Maximus and his soldiers as they scout the villages looking for the “fair” Princess Bianca. With help from a spy, sent by Caesar, they hatch a dastardly plan to capture the Princess while on the way to her Hen Party following her recent betrothal to Prince Rodney of Romsey.

While King Ethelred and Queen Agatha make plans for the wedding and entertain their future son-in law, the Princess Bianca and her twin sister Sharon are captured! Having only been sent to capture Bianca, Princess Sharon is able to escape and warn the Royals of poor Bianca’s plight! Rodney then insists they go to Rome to rescue his beloved!

Across the seas, all is not well in Rome! The Senators are plotting to overthrow Caesar and on arriving in Rome, it appears that Princess Bianca is not the bride he had hoped for!

Whilst Caesar and his senators are enjoying entertainment in the Colosseum O2 Arena, everything comes to a head! Despite plights of their own along the way, Prince Rodney, Ethelred, Agatha and Sharon march in and demand Bianca to return, the ladies of the WI arrive after some unexpected ‘ups and downs’ and threaten Caesar, and Mark Antony makes his move to overthrow him by releasing a lion!

However, as is usual in pantomimes, all is not as it seems, and there is an unexpected twist in the tail!

How will it all end?!

The Freemantle and Shirley Amateur Theatrical Society’s performance of Hail Caesar takes place on Friday 19 January (7.30pm) and Saturday 20 January (2.00pm and 7.30pm).

Tickets available from:

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