Review: I Should Be So Lucky: The Musical, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, 23 January 2024

Review: I Should Be So Lucky: The Musical, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, 23 January 2024

By Catherine Collins.

If you’re a fan of some of the biggest hits Stock, Aitken and Waterman were responsible for in the 80s and 90s, then you will love I Should Be So Lucky, which opened at Mayflower Theatre last night.

The plot revolves around Ella and Nathan, a young couple about to take the biggest step of their lives – until Ella is jilted at the aisle and a family secret threatens to be revealed.

The wedding may be off, but the honeymoon is most definitely on as we follow the couple on a wacky journey of sun, sea and sparkle.

The cast and ensemble is diverse, and their performances are lively and full of energy.

Lucie-Mae Sumner, who plays Ella, has the empathy of the audience – and video messages from Kylie herself – as she tries to find herself in the midst of her heartbreak, and finally make a choice between Better the Devil You Know, Nathan, played by Billy Roberts, and holiday romancer, Nadeem, played by the amazing Matthew Croke – we were firmly team Nadeem!

Special mention goes to Jamie Chapman, who plays hotel manager, Spencer. He became my personal favourite over the evening with his camp costumes and hilarious one-liners, I spend the evening wondering if he has an opening for a new best friend.

I Should Be So Lucky is Debbie Issit’s latest musical comedy, featuring no less than 10 Number 1 singles and over 30 songs from the Hit Factory, whose music defined an era, including Jason Donovan’s Especially for You, Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, and, of course, Kylie Minogue’s I Should Be So Lucky.

My only picky point is I’d like to see the score reduced slightly – with more than 25 songs squeezed into the show, it can be difficult to recognise a couple from the few bars you hear, and I’d like to see some of them given a little more time.

But this fast paced production is full of glittery fun, puns and all shades of pink and fluffy, and after missing out on the panto this year… this more than made up for it.

It filled a heart-shaped hole didn’t know I had.

Tickets for I Should Be So Lucky (Tuesday 23– Saturday 27 January 2024) are on sale at or 02380 711811.

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