Maskers Theatre Company: Almost, Maine

Maskers Theatre Company: Almost, Maine

One of Southampton’s most popular amateur theatrical companies, Maskers, bring their latest production to their Shirley studio theatre from Monday to Saturday.

‘Almost, Maine’ explores many different kinds of love in a fresh way. A most special evening at the Studio is promised as each short playlet reveals the pleasures and pain of giving and receiving love in all its forms, with surprising twists and turns .

On a freezing clear night in the middle of winter, as the northern lights burst into life in the sky above, The residents of ‘Almost’ find themselves falling in and out of love in the strangest ways.
Couples flirt, bicker and reunite – knees are bruised and hearts are broken, all set in a town so far north that it’s almost in Canada and it almost doesn’t exist!!

Tickets: £14. For more information, visit:


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