Brianna Ghey – A Night of Tribute and Mourning at The Art House, Southampton

Brianna Ghey – A Night of Tribute and Mourning at The Art House, Southampton

By Mabel Wellman. 

On the 2nd February, the names of Brianna Ghey’s murderers were released.

Brianna Ghey was a 16 year old trans girl, who was brutally murdered last year.

With the names being released and the large media attention once more, a lot of trans people and our allies are feeling pain and complex emotions.

On Sunday 11th February, it will be the first year anniversary of Brianna Ghey’s murder. This too is stirring a lot of emotions, alongside the releasing of the names of the two murderers and their prison sentences.

On the 11th of February, Trans Pride Southampton and the Art House will be co-hosting a night to pay tribute to Brianna Ghey, and let the trans community be together. We hope this will tackle isolation and help people to collectively heal and help each other in this difficult time.

A lot of trans people, many of whom may be further marginalised due to race or other issues, do struggle with being isolated. So we hope this event can help these people with other trans members of the community and our allies.

The event will be at The Art House on Above Bar Street. From 5pm to 9pm on the 11th February. Refreshments including teas, coffees and cake will be available.

For more information, visit the Facebook event link.

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