Preview: Pete Astor, Tapes for Diane and Nick Haynes, Stage Door, Southampton

Preview: Pete Astor, Tapes for Diane and Nick Haynes, Stage Door, Southampton

Sofa City Bands Collective present you with an exciting evening of music at the Stage Door on Thursday 29 February.

Pete Astor headlines the night, known for his work with The Loft, The Weather Prophets, The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound.

His music is introspective, dark, but also humorous.

Support is provided by Tapes for Diane (former Lucas and King), who bring their new project to Southampton for the first time, and Nick Haynes.

Pete Harvey, the organiser of the event, lists the following 10 reasons you shouldn’t miss this gig:

1. Pete Astor writes songs with great words. The sort that you want to listen to again and again. He has had success with The Loft and The Weather Prophets. He is still writing great songs including the recently released, Model Village.

2. February 29 is a bonus day that only happens once every four years. Why would you stay at home on a bonus day?

3. Tapes for Diane combines the amazing voice of Bo Lucas with the cool electric guitar of Hayleigh King. The combination is even better than the sum of the parts.

4. For just the price of a ticket to see Taylor Swift you could go and see this show and still have enough money left over to have a 5-day holiday in Sicily, a bottle of wine and a large bag of chips.

5. Nick Haynes is probably the only person in Southampton who has written songs about cheese, Paris street art, ‘Olidays , Primrose Hill and living in a food romance.

6. Tiny Cow personally recommends this show. Have you ever received bad advice from a cow?

7. If you buy a ticket in advance then you will jump the queue and have a warm feeling knowing that on the 29 February you know where you are going to be.

8. Live music is so much more fun than watching shaky videos on YouTube. There are no adverts interrupting the music and no voiceover by someone who used to be on a TV channel that you don’t watch anymore.

9. Clicking on this link will allow you to get a ticket in the time it takes for a very full kettle to boil.

10. When you are very old you will be able to look back and say, I remember that night as if it were yesterday.

After all this, how can you not go?

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