Old Grammarian’s and Hillonians Association reunion this September

Old Grammarian’s and Hillonians Association reunion this September

Image: Hill College boys’ basketball team c1988.

The Old Grammarian’s and Hillonians Association, incorporating former students and staff of the Southampton College for Girls, will be holding this year’s reunion on Saturday, September 28th, at a new venue.

After two reunions held at their old school/college, now Richard Taunton VI Form College, the reunion organisers have looked into a new venue. This is in part because the hall may not be available but also because organise have received many comments from former students about their shock and sadness at how little of the old school/college is now left and that they did not wish to return. 

Therefore, this year’s reunion will be held at St. James Road Methodist Church Hall. For this reunion option, organizers need a minimum of 50 attendees. They are also seeing volunteers to help run the event.

For more information, email: reunion.hilllane@gmail.com 

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1957 VI form, with Miss Kenny and Miss Masters
Prefects 65 to 66 with Miss Williams and Vale