Mayflower Theatre teams with Veolia in bid for net zero by 2030

Mayflower Theatre teams with Veolia in bid for net zero by 2030

Mayflower Theatre marks a significant step towards its net-zero goal by 2030 partnering with Veolia Total Waste Management.

Mayflower Theatre is one of the UK’s leading cultural venues and the largest in the region with more than 500,000 attendances per year.

“We have set out our vision to achieve net zero by 2030 and are beginning to ramp up our journey to hit this goal,” explains Matt Goode, Operations Director. “This is a bold goal to hit whilst having a Grade II listed building but as an organisation we think big. Partnering with Veolia helps us on this journey and we need our customers to help us achieve what we set out to do.”

Informed by the Theatre Green Books and working with partners ,such as Dance Consortium, Mayflower is an active participant in the sector. Supported by Veolia’s Zero-to-Landfill commitment, the theatre is introducing new recycling stations throughout the venue.

Alongside better waste separation, the theatre is also moving away from plastic bottled water with the introduction of a canned alternative with a resealable lid.

Mayflower staff are also playing their part with the environment and sustainability team launching the internal campaign to remind staff to:

  1. Switch it Off
  2. Turn it Down
  3. Sort it Out. Removing office bins to encourage recycling.

Our front of house and housekeeping teams work extremely hard undertaking waste separation on pickups between performances, and Mayflower’s ambition is for customers to also play their part by taking their rubbish and placing it in the correct recycling stations.

Investment in the venue over the last 10 years has seen an acceleration in lighting replacement, removing traditional lighting and replacement with high-efficiency LED. Long life span and significant reduction in consumption brings financial and environmental benefits.

“Mayflower Theatre is a forward looking and responsible charitable trust that has set out to play our part in delivering carbon cutting measures,” says Michael Ockwell, Mayflower Chief Executive and Creative Director. “We continue to look for ways to reduce our impacts, encouraging active travel for staff and customers, work with local suppliers to reduce transportation distances and packaging and specialist consultants to identify efficiency steps to the venue and the systems used to supply fresh air, heat and cool.”

Commenting on the partnership with Mayflower, Adam Wylie, Veolia’s Managing Director for commercial adds: “Mayflower’s net zero ambition of 2030 is a target Veolia is excited to be working towards.

“We have already started to implement efficient and sustainable solutions to provide services throughout the theatre, with new recycling stations designed for better waste separation. We are now looking forward to using our industry expertise, working closely with the theatre to increase recycling rates with a circular focus and utilise customers to bring us closer to ecological transformation.”

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