Southampton musician launches new solo track, Lost Sun

Southampton musician launches new solo track, Lost Sun

By Anita Foxall.

Southampton musician/drummer Charlie Brown has recently launched his own solo project with the track Lost Sun, which was released on the 3 May.

Charlie is a music producer, songwriter and a familiar face in the Southampton live music scene. He is the drummer in the band Interesting Wallpaper, and collaborates/plays with other local musicians regularly.

Music has always played a crucial role in his life, in fact it was great support in his healing after he lost his mum when he was only six years old.  Then from the age of 13, he started playing in rock bands and gigging. Despite enjoying picking up a bass or playing some keyboards, he considers himself to be a drummer percussionist, but it’s indubitable that music is an intrinsic part of his life.

Furthermore, he has had a very solid consistent music path, firstly as a member of Bristol band, The Other Tribe, who had a UK top 40 in 2020 with the track Skirts.

He was then part of the drum and bass band, Chimes UK Band, with whom he wrote songs about heartbreak, misogyny, and mental health battles. It was this phase that got him drawn into sound design and composition. They were quite successful, and their track Mr Wolf was played on BBC Introducing.

Charlie’s influences are varied, though he admitted he can only get into just a few artists at a time, as he ends up over-playing it and then needs to move into something else. However, there are some artists that he can never get bored of: Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, or Four Tet, because he finds them an endless source of inspiration.

Lost Sun, his most recent release, came out on the Friday the 3 May, and he invested a lot of time and dedication to this project. He started it during the pandemic and worked on a few different versions before it started taking the right direction.

This track derived from a lot going on in his head at the time, but he now undoubtedly knows it was the first seed that made him want to embark on his project.

There have been a lot of changes in the sound design and the mix, until it became this completed version, one that contains ‘memories never made’ over that period, but he also wanted it to be a chilled Summer House track evoking nostalgia.

Summer days are coming, so make sure you spend them with this song as a soundtrack that will enable you to make your own memories.

The beautiful Lost Sun will be followed by more tracks coming soon (next one in August), which will then be part of an EP coming towards the end of the year. And expect a live show with the band in 2025.

Charlie is such clear evidence of the plentiful and varied talent we have in this city, moreover he takes enjoyment in working with other musicians.

Listen to Lost Sun on Spotify.

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