Book Review: Who To Trust by Carolyn Ruffles

Book Review: Who To Trust by Carolyn Ruffles

reviewed by Chris Richards.

Abductions, stalkers, and lies, Oh My! This story has what it takes to keep you interested until the very last word. It’s a flawless balance of mystery and romance, flanked by tense frustration and charming wit. I found myself rolling my eyes occasionally at the protagonist’s naivety, but it felt complicit with the author. It feels almost disloyal to say this, but it’s so much better than it has any right to be. The story is outlandish and the conventions lightweight but it is written so well it doesn’t matter. It’s an entertaining story elevated to another level by the talent of the author.

It is the kind of book you will try and explain to other people and be unable to do justice. But I will still give it a try. Anna Blake is a clumsy, attractive, young author of romantic comedies and it is through her eyes that we see most of the story. Key scenes are picked up by Selina Matthews a homely, nervous, and desperate woman in search of her missing daughter, and then, Geoff and Mariella Blake a rich and influential couple also desperate but to protect the lives they’ve built. The chapters are headed with a character name to keep the reader orientated.

Slowly Anna’s trusted friends and allies, old and new, are shown to be cogs in a maddening conspiracy. Every character is tangible and, to varying degrees, flawed. As the story plays out the reader is in little doubt as to what the bones of the outcome will be, but the details and intricacies are masterfully presented. Satisfaction reigns while leaving room for a sequel. Oh, my goodness, I hope there’s a sequel!

You could easily finish this book quickly while relaxing by the pool on a foreign holiday (we can dream!) or curled up in a comfy chair with a pot of tea. I don’t like to assume anything about people but I think this book is going to win over more women than men. In terms of age range, I’d be reticent to be anymore specific than over 25. Don’t delay any further, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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