Martin Davis – website designer & writer

Martin Davis – website designer & writer

I do the techy/nerdy bit as website designer and builder (  I haven’t promoted this kind of work for a while because I have been too busy, but when Sally Churchward first announced her ideas about this project it caught my eye!  Having previously worked in media I confess to being a media-sceptic, but I love that In Common has a fresh approach, is community focused with good ethics, has positive and constructive attention to issues we’re facing today, has a great team of contributors with a broad range of interests and an inspiring passion for the local scene.

Southampton has so much to offer. It’s multicultural, with fascinating history, nature, industry, arts, music, venues, personalities, and you’re spoilt for choice with a wonderful array of world-wide foods to choose from. This is why I live here!  In Common will help you find these treasures.

I love a challenge!  The aim in this design is for the site to be clear and uncluttered (despite lots of content!), reader friendly, accessible (Disability Discrimination Act), responsive (works on a broad range of website viewing devices), and generally go hand-in-hand with the aims and ambitions of In Common.

Writing for In Common

I have a few ideas for articles brewing. My first naturally is about my garden hedgehog, as I’m sure you’d expect from a webby geek! Expect some about our wonderful local music scene, technical tips and duck ponds in the future!


I love live music and am obsessed with vinyl records, tea rooms, ale, classic car restoration (1950s P4 Rovers!), 1920s bicycle, building stuff, gardening, long walks, early morning (yes, weird I know!), travels to East Africa, and I have a tortoise called Alice, and a fish called Steve.

I also have another identity as a Still-Moving DJ, which basically involves playing lively world music and messing about with dinosaurs on stage at festivals and events.
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