Positive Money discussion on tax and government spending cuts taking place this month

Positive Money discussion on tax and government spending cuts taking place this month

Positive Money, which exists to encourage education and discussion about banks and the financial system in Britain, is holding a discussion in Southampton this month.
The event, which will take place at God’s House Tower on the afternoon of Sunday 14th August, will be a discussion in the form of a Democracy Cafe with the title: Will tax cuts and government spending cuts lead to a wealthier society?
This event is open to anyone wanting to be part of, or listen, to a discussion about our economy and what can be changed to give us a brighter future.

An organiser said: “What are your views? We think our economy is all of us, not just politicians and economists. Money, banks, government and our economy, should be for the well-being of people, communities, and our planet rather than giant corporations and the wealthy with offshore accounts.

“Corporate funding streams and intensive lobbying, encourages our leaders to focus on money extraction and so move it out of our reach of any need to contribute, such as by paying taxes. We need investment in our people, infrastructure, public services, businesses and communities. Levelling up should be more than region against region, but include our society against the extractive corporations and billionaires.

Positive Money – Money should be a ‘Positive Money Tool’ that enables our society to be wealthier.

If you have a view about this, why not give yourself some time to have a coffee and chat about it with us?”

Event Address: God’s House Tower, Town Quay Road, Southampton, SO14 2NY. Attendees are welcome at the back café at Gods House Tower (GHT) Southampton SO14 2NY from 1:30 pm for a 2:00 pm start on Sunday 14th August 2022. GHT closes at 4:00 pm. Admission is free

Web:  http://positivemoney.org/

God’s House TowerWeb:  https://godshousetower.org.uk  07733 092 291

By Bus No 3, U1 and U6 stop outside. X4 and X5 stop 1 minute walk away by the Bowling Green in Orchard lane. The Quay Connect stop is a 2minutes walk away on Town Quay.

Parking –  Gloucester Square and Mayflower Park are a 2-minute walk away and provide a step-free route to GHT. The Triangle Car park directly opposite has a minimum £ 17-day rate.

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