Campaigners for NHS dentist access take to Southampton streets

Campaigners for NHS dentist access take to Southampton streets

The Toothless Southampton campaign had a good  response on Tuesday (August 30) at its stall in Shirley High Street with a team of 12 volunteers out to share information with the public. 

Toothless in Southampton is a campaign to provide an NHS dentist for everyone. It was formed in the wake of shortages of dentists and the struggle that many are finding to register with an NHS dentist.

Shoppers and local residents were keen to sign the petition, many of them telling their horror stories of trying desperately to get an NHS dentist and the spiralling cost of treatment. People were very worried about the situation that is emerging, with more cuts to NHS funding, leading to many dentists closing down and people being forced to go private, if they’re lucky enough to find a dentist that will take them. 

One of the campaigners said: “One man said he had a bill of thousands of pounds for treatment and has had to sign up to a payment plan and pay what little he can every month even though he is on benefits. Others told stories of having children aged as old as nine year who have still never been to a dentist as they just cannot get their children registered with anybody. One woman said she hasn’t been to the dentist for 12 years and called 19 dentists and has been told they are just not taking on new patients.”

To find out more about the campaign visit the Toothless in Southampton Facebook group.  

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