Pleasure Beyond Measure – more free music added to Southampton online local archive

Pleasure Beyond Measure – more free music added to Southampton online local archive

by Geoff Wall.

Following the recent free posting of Pleasure Beyond Measure’s Pete Holden Bequest recordings, I’ve delved deep in to my local (Southampton) music archive and exhumed tapes from my 32nd Birthday Bash at the Joiners pub back in 1983.  (Read more about the project here). Recorded by soundman Jim Bourne direct from the mixer, the memorable evening featured sets from my friends The New Convertibles, Chris & Bernie Garrett, John Elliott and Nick Petford.  The event was by invitation only and the ticket image accompanies the four tapes – oh that I still looked like that!  It’s not often that we get to relive an event that was such a memorable personal moment.  Thanks to Phil Tyler working his magic, the music sparkles a lifetime later.

PBM 017 – The New Convertibles

By 1983 the New Convertibles had lost guitarist Andy Keen and replaced him by Jim Woodhouse (from The New Brendas) on keyboards.  Featuring songwriters Marc White (gtr), Nigel Gordon (bass) and Tim Smart (drums) the band were Southampton’s premier power-poppers who raised the roof whenever they played. 

PBM 018 – Chris & Bernie Garrett

Chris had been a prominent member of many local bands and produced his solo masterpiece “Intimate Stranger” cassette-only album.  Chris played with Sweet Poison,Chris Shakespeare, Ebony and Fifth Avenue amongst others.


PBM 019 – John Elliott

  John was the vocalist/guitarist with The Lesser Known Tunisians who were noted for their highly individual act, which was a cross between the Bonzos meeting The Albertos.  At this time, John had just released his first solo cassette-only “Drainpipe Serenade” album – a collection of highly amusing original songs that John presented ocassionally.


PBM 020 – Nick Petford

 Nick was a member of State Jacket, Southampton’s original punk band.  He went on to produce two solo cassette-only albums “Smile (Please This Is England)” and “Minerva Terrace” before moving up to London to take a geology degree course.  He went on to become the University Vice Chancellor of Northampton.


There are musicians who have become institutions on our local Southampton music scene – these include the likes of Rick Brown, Chris ‘Willie’ Shakespeare and Bob Pearce.  It was Bob who donated the following three recordings to our PBM Tape archive:


PBM 024 – Big Brother

@ Kingsland Hall, Southampton – Jun 13, 1980

Recorded by Arc Electronics, Big Brother’s Kingsland Hall set magnificently captures the live spirit of their gigs.  It’s little wonder that they constantly played to sold-out houses across the south.  Fronted by the irrepressible Chris ‘Willie’ Shakespeare, the band’s powerful rhythm section and tight horns destroyed many an audience with their mixture of Soul and R’n’B classics.  Good time music that always found an enthusiastic audience.  Willie had played with such local bands as Chris Shakespeare Movement, The Globeshow, Happy Tobacco, Honky, Rushwood, Checkpoint, Red Cadillac etc.


PBM 025 – Rox Off

@ The Joiners pub, Southampton – Jan 22 & 23, 1982

Recorded by Steve Roberts.  Edited and re-recorded by Derek Henderson.  Re-mastered by Phil Tyler in 2022.  This C60 cassette was given to Bob Pearce as a get well soon gift from Bruce Roberts and girlfriend Nettle (Annette).  Judging by the date, it was recorded around the time of SIIYE’s Hold The Phone! live cassette and shows the band at the top of their game during their weekly Joiner’s Arms Friday night-Saturday lunchtime residency.


PBM 026 – Rick Brown

@ Sound On Sound Studios, Southampton – Mar 1993

   Recorded by Mick Godden at his Sound On Sound Studios, the recording was originally self-released as a cassette-only album in 1993.  Rick had a long musical pedigree that included such local heroes as Ricky & The Hi-Lites, The Brownhill Stamp Duty, Gripp – the Band and many, many others.


All PBM Tapes can be FREELY heard via


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