Preview: The Future Of Climate Action: a talk by Zion Lights 

Preview: The Future Of Climate Action: a talk by Zion Lights 

Science communicator and environmental advocate Zion Lights speaking at the Railway Inn, Winchester for Wire Wool Events on Sunday, September 11.

Zion Lights will be exploring The Future Of Climate Action and assessing its successes and failures, from the perspective of a long term climate activist. 

The last in a series of free entry inspirational talks for curious minds curated by Wire Wool Events in 2022. Each talk is followed by an audience Q+A session. Attendees can donate period products to The Homeless Period and support START by purchasing a £1 raffle ticket to win a signed copy of the book that accompanies the talk. 

Social science has shown that protests are more successful when they are fighting against something rather than campaigning for something. When it comes to addressing climate change do you know what the solutions are? And how we might go about achieving them? Zion Lights is a passionate science advocate and environmental writer who wants to change the world for the better. In this talk she will be discussing the evolution of climate action, what it’s got right and wrong and what it needs to do next, from the perspective of a long term climate activist. 

Zion Lights is the founder of the evidence-based climate activism group Emergency Reactor. She is author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, and a keen astronomer who has given a TED talk on stargazing. She is the former Editor of The Hourglass, Extinction Rebellion’s print newspaper and has written for The Metro, Die Welt,, Marianne, The Telegraph, City AM, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Resurgence magazine, The Green Parent, The Ecologist and many other publications. Zion has also appeared on BBC Politics Live, Good Morning Britain, Sky News Australia, The Andrew Neil Show and France 24. Informative and reflective, this talk will be assessing the successes and failures of the environmental movement whilst focussing on current solutions we can action, now. 

This event is free entry, thanks to The Railway Inn and Arts Council England, 6pm start – 9pm finish.

Tickets can be secured in advance here: 


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