Reader’s letter: my message to striking workers – keep fighting

Reader’s letter: my message to striking workers – keep fighting

I first joined a union when I started at Royal Mail and have always been in a union since whenever possible. Back then there was a very large union membership. While at Royal Mail I had a couple of disciplinary issues one of which could have led to me being dismissed. Thanks to the union I was helped to show I was not at fault and kept my job which without the union help I would probably have lost. When I left Royal Mail the union once again helped in getting me the best severance deal possible. Things have changed a lot since then and unions have many more restrictions on them.

Currently I am a member of the GMB union. I have had help and advice quite a few times over the years. I find it great that I have a reliable source of advice/help when needed if anything happens at work.

 So many places are seeing industrial action at the moment. It’s important for people to stand up for better treatment by employers. There always seems to be enough money for a big boss to get a bonus or decent pay rise but never enough when the rest of us want a bit more. 

It is very sad things seem only to ever get worse these days, profit appears to be far more important than people. 

Good luck to everyone who is taking action: keep fighting.


Mike Daish

Southampton resident


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