October events at October Books

October events at October Books

October is here, and that means independent bookshop October Books in Portswood, Southampton, has another month’s worth of events, from author talks to a cookery demonstration, to choose from, with events both in person and online.


author talk: BLACK by Tobias Taitt

TODAY Saturday 8th October at 2pm in the shop

As part of Black History Month join Tobias Taitt in the shop to hear about his autobiographical graphic novel, set in 1970s Southampton.

Tobias Taitt was raised as a child of the state after his mother brutally murdered her lover. He spent the 70s and 80s in various care homes in the South of England. He left those institutions at the age of 15 and promptly fell into a life of crime. He was eventually arrested and spent several years at Her Majesty’s pleasure in some of Britain’s toughest prisons. Throughout this time, Tobias developed a keen interest in literature. He is passionate about recording modern UK history, specifically the untold lives of its citizens. He believes their stories should be recorded for future generations, just as he has done with his own… entitled BLACK.

Hear from the author himself in this exclusive talk celebrating and recognising the social significance of post-Windrush black history in Southampton. There is an accompanying exhibition of the artwork at the John Hansard gallery.


author talk: The Dementia Diaries with Patricia Worby

Wednesday 12th October at 7pm in the shop

Join Patricia Worby in the shop to hear her personal experience and the spiritual lessons she learnt from dementia.

“Dementia is not the End of the World! It can be managed so that it is a time of humility and grace. Learn from my experience with my mother,” says Patricia Worby.

“After my mother died last year, I had the idea to use her experience to teach you the truth of what to expect and that, with simple preparation and understanding, you can make life easier on yourself and your loved one as they go through this life transition.

“With extracts of my mum’s diaries and my own experiences interwoven, I cover nine lessons I learned from dementia. Truthfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are simple things you can do to improve the quality of life for those in the early to late stages of dementia and look after your own mental health too.

“In this talk I will read extracts of the book and discuss some of the lessons I learned from caring for mum and some of her messages to me after she had gone. She told me ‘we’re going to write a book together’. This is that book. “

Dr Patricia Worby is Founder of Alchemy Therapies, an award-winning Somatic Trauma therapist and a published author. The Dementia Diaries is a deeply personal account from the perspective of a daughter struggling to deal with the changes that dementia brings in her mother.


cookery demo: The Sustainable Chef!

Saturday 15th October at 11am in the shop

Andy Oakey is The Sustainable Chef! Join him in the shop for a cookery demo showing how you can make “proper food with minimal impact”.

Do you think about your food carbon footprint? Do you know what you can do to reduce it?

With forty-five no-nonsense, plant-based recipes in his book, The Sustainable Chef gives a new outlook on cooking and baking. Each recipe is easy to follow, easy to make, and easy on the planet and comes with a ‘Carbon Impact Check’, so you can see how much of a difference you are making. His approach now has the approval of Mike Berners-Lee (author, How Bad Are Bananas) too!

The Sustainable Chef will be demonstrating some of these recipes for us, using a range of ethical and fair trade items from our shelves here at OB.

Fitting recipe development around a busy lifestyle as a full-time researcher and triathlete, through his book and stage appearances, Andy Oakey is working to help others to reduce their impact and to make plant-based eating less difficult and intimidating.


October Get-Together: Bring Your Own Book

Wednesday 19th October at 7pm online

Join October Books at their monthly social evening

All are welcome at this book club with a twist! Attendees are asked to to BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) to share inspiration you have found between the pages. Those in attendance each get a chance to talk a little bit about a book they have been reading this month and what they’ve thought about it. There is no required reading, just a desire to talk about what you’ve been reading.

What have you read during the month? Would you recommend it to others? Or was it better left on the shelf? We want to hear about it! What are you reading this month, and what has it meant to you?



author talk: The Ongoing Quest For Identity with KKB

Saturday 22nd October at 11am in the shop

As part of Black History Month join Kabir Kareem-Bello and friends to explore an ongoing quest for identity.

Traversing immigration, migration, identity and race, KKB will discuss his struggles with a sense of belonging and the journeys that have shaped his outlook on life. He will read exclusive passages from his forthcoming memoir ‘97 Days Of Joy’ and his critically acclaimed novel ‘The Street Hawker’s Apprentice’, and invites you to ask questions and join the conversation.

Kabir Kareem-Bello was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, and moved to the UK with his family in 1992. His self-published book Memoirs of Young African is based on his experiences as a young African migrant in the UK. He has spoken about identity and migration at a number of public events, most notably at the University of Edinburgh and Portsmouth University. The Street Hawker’s Apprentice is his first fiction novel. His second memoir which focuses on his journey and experiences of fatherhood is due for publication 2023/24. He is planning a podcast focused on immigration and identity and a documentary looking at the journey of Africans in the diaspora.


Transition talk: Ponds, Pools and Puddles!

Wednesday 26th October at 6:50pm in the shop

Join local ecologist, Kevin Bryan and Transition Southampton in the shop for this talk 

It’s well known that ponds can enhance the wildlife value of a garden enormously.

This talk explores how even very small bodies of water can have a beneficial effect. The idea and value of ‘ponds’ is considered in the broader context and the talk shows that even those of us with very small gardens, or only balconies, can get in on the act.

The talk’s focus is on domestic gardens. However, the principles and methods can be the same at the field level too.

Transition Southampton believes in a positive, sustainable, community imagined future. They work with local communities, organisations and local governments to create positive, sustainable, community-based solutions that tackle climate change and energy scarcity. They are part of the international Transition Network, and have a range of active and past projects across food, energy, waste, transport and the built environment.


spoken word: Oral Histories in celebration of BHM

Thursday 27th October at 6:30pm in the shop

Join The Awarding Gap project here in the shop to celebrate Black History Month through spoken word and shared stories. 

Oral history allows people whose voices might not otherwise be heard to share their experiences. It is hoped the evening will be an opportunity share histories, through the creative medium of storytelling. The act of retelling life events can help people understand their lives and often contribute to a sense of wellbeing and identity both for individuals and communities.


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