Mayfield Nursery Quiz – think ‘pub quiz but with plants, tea and cake’

Mayfield Nursery Quiz – think ‘pub quiz but with plants, tea and cake’

by Katie Isham.

The good folks at Mayfield Nursery on Weston Lane are growing more than just plants. They’ve produced the best Sunday afternoon activity. 

On the third Sunday of the month (this upcoming Sunday 16th October) they play host to a café quiz! All the excitement and competition of a pub quiz, but better. 

Firstly, no late nights. The quiz starts at 2pm and is all wrapped up by closing time at 4pm, meaning you’ll be home by dusk to cosy up for an early night. 

Next, the snacks. No dubious bar peanuts in sight. A glorious display case of cakes, traybakes and scones awaits. And that’s before we mention the beverages. 

So, drinks fit for afternoon tea. Any hot drink you could wish for. All served in teacups on saucers. Tea poured from the pot always tastes better. Add magnificent milkshakes to the mix and we’re really talking. 

Thirdly, the setting. Pull up a chair in the café garden. The autumnal air may be fresh so wrap up, but being surrounded by beautiful plants providing you with oxygen will surely enhance your intellect. 

Also, the wider setting. Leave enough time to wander the garden centre and beyond. Mayfield Park is home to some splendid foliage delightfully showcased by the myriad paths through the cultivated gardens, woodland walks and large open parkland. 

Then there’s the actual quiz. A lovely gentle cerebral workout. Some questions you know and some that’ll drive you mad, but isn’t that part of the fun? Themed rounds, pictures, music and word on the garden path is that this month is Halloween themed. 

And everyone’s welcome. The quiz is open to all ages (toys and colouring in the corner if the general knowledge proves too much for some) and all species; even the canine customers have ice creams to purchase. 

Bonus points for supporting Solent Mind. This nursery is so much more than plants. Sure, it sells plants and the associated paraphernalia, but it also has small craft businesses, fruit and veg, events for all the family, and even well-being services for the community: Plants for People, Gardening for Dementia and Mayfield Men’s Shed to name but a few. By visiting, joining the quiz and eating cake, you can support an incredible mental health charity. 

Finally, the quiz is free. FREE! How many things in life are free these days? A small cost for the refreshments but it’s well worth it. 

Mayfield Nurseries is a true community gem on any day, but this quiz is a prize for us all. 

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in a glorious garden café, gently flexing the grey matter, teacup in hand, cake poised on the plate and all to support a worthy charity? It’s a no-brainer. 

Why has no one pioneered a café quiz before? Mayfield Nurseries are verging on genius. Why not see if you match up to this level of brain power by taking on their quiz?

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