Free spooky window Halloween trail coming to St Denys

Free spooky window Halloween trail coming to St Denys

There’s free Halloween fun to be had in St Denys, Southampton, with a Spooky Window Trail, which includes small prizes or children, organised by the local community.

The trail, which runs from October 24 to 31, will see more than 20 local homes with decorated windows to bring some spooky fun.

“We wanted to bring some cheer at a tough time of year,” said an event organiser.

Among the seasonal things to spot are mythical beasts, pumpkins, ghosts, spooky potions and more. Participants use a map to locate the houses and collect the letters, to spell out the home of the Faerie Queen and her subjects.

Maps can be collected from outside 143 Adelaide Road and along Ivy Road. Prizes, subject to availability, can be collected from the Faerie Queen’s home.

Maps can also be downloaded from the Facebook group: click here for the link.



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