Southampton’s first Transgender Pride attracts hundreds, declared a success

Southampton’s first Transgender Pride attracts hundreds, declared a success

by Sally Churchward.

More than 300 people attended Southampton’s first ever Transgender Pride at the weekend (15th October).

The event was a celebration of all Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, Gender Queer and gender non-conforming people.

It began at noon with a march from the Bargate to Edmund Kell Unitarian Church, where there were a number of stalls, speakers and workshops.

Event organiser Mabel Wellman, from People’s Pride Southampton said: “I am ecstatic by how the event turned out. We reached people from a far wider catchment area than I had anticipated. I think that shows just how needed transgender prides are, to allow ourselves to speak up for our rights, and give our true allies a chance to stand in solidarity.”

This was the first Transgender Pride in the city and organisers are keen to learn from people’s experiences to make what is planned to be a regular event even better next time.

“Whilst I am happy with how the event has gone overall, I am currently inviting feedback from attendees,” said Mabel. 

“There is always room for improvement so that our events can become bigger and better. That’s the best thing about first events; the second event; and so forth and with a great committee like we have with People’s Pride Southampton, we will listen to our feedback with every event to make the following one better.”

People’s Pride Southampton also organise Party In the Park, the first of which happened in summer 2020. They had already announced the date for Party in the Park 2023, which will take place on June 17 and 18, and at Transgender Pride, they announced the event’s Sunday headline act, Southampton band Hunting Hearts (click here to read more).


  • Attendees at Transgender Pride can give feedback. Please email and the link will be forwarded to you


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