Preview: Man the Lifeboats at The Railway, Winchester

Preview: Man the Lifeboats at The Railway, Winchester

Man the Lifeboats have launched their new album: ‘Soul of Albion’ and  are currently touring the UK, bringing them to The Railway, Winchester on Friday (November 25).

As we wrestle with our collective identity and culture, our glorious but tarnished history and our place in the world, the new record by Man The Lifeboats ultimately asks the question: what does Albion mean in the 21st Century? 

Mirroring the journey undergone by a close friend of the band, it’s a record that traverses through the veins of our little islands, through their signs and symbols, the literature and art, poetry, song and dance, the traditions that are still alive today after centuries, and some which are not; in a search for some answers. Each song on the record is intended to provide a snapshot of life on these islands, from Somerstown to Stourbridge, from the hills of Caledonia to the gates of Soho Square. 

The first song to be released from the album, Born Drunk, is described as ‘a folk/punk firecracker broiling with fiddles, accordions and acoustic guitars played with gusto, it’s a rambunctious drinking song guaranteed to loosen your lips and get your pistons pumping’.

You can see for yourself by watching the clip below and/or going to see them live at The Railway this Friday.

The remaining dates of the tour are:

Friday 25th – The Railway, Winchester

Saturday 26th – The Lexington, London

Tickets on sale here:


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