Reader’s letter: Tips for trying Veganuary

Reader’s letter: Tips for trying Veganuary

Hints for those trying Veganuary:

1/ Don’t throw away meat and dairy you have already in your fridge/freezer/cupboards. Eat it as you go along but don’t buy anymore.

2/ Avoid vegan forums/pages etc because there will be ‘that’ vegan who burns anyone who slips or asks an innocent question. Even now several vegan years down the line I try to avoid them.

3/ Celebrate any small wins or permanent changes you make to your diet. If you go back to meat and dairy after, try and keep one (or two) days a week vegan if you can.

4/ Don’t give up because the first vegan alternative you try is rank – whether that is milk/cheese/meat – your taste buds are expecting something else and you won’t get it. There are some amazing alternatives now but they are not meat or dairy!

5/ Think about vegan alternatives outside of your diet. Are your house cleaning products vegan? Are your cosmetics or toiletries vegan? It’s amazing what weird things the industry manages to get bits of animals into!!!

How ever far you get with it you tried. And for that I thank and applaud you!



Best wishes,

Kristianne Drake


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