Reader’s Letter: we oppose far right group’s attempts to sow hatred and division in our communities

Reader’s Letter: we oppose far right group’s attempts to sow hatred and division in our communities

by Southampton Stand Up To Racism.

“The far-right group Britain First is planning to hold a regional meeting in Southampton on February 7th. We oppose this attempt to sow hatred and division in our communities and stand united in defending our multicultural and diverse city.

Britain First was founded by former members of the fascist British National Party and since its formation has been avowedly anti-Muslim. In the past, Britain First activists have descended on areas with large Muslim populations and stormed into Muslim places of worship. In recent years the group has changed its focus towards scapegoating refugees and has used similar tactics to storm into migrant accommodation and confront and intimidate asylum seekers.

Unsurprisingly, many of Britain First’s members have been convicted of terrorism offences and of distributing materials to incite racial hatred. This includes ts leader Paul Golding who will be addressing the meeting next month, who was convicted under terrorism law.

Ashlea Simon, the party’s Chair who will also be at the meeting, has said: “English people can’t be black, English blood is white.” Similar racist and extreme views are repeatedly voiced by the group’s activist base on social media.

We call on the venue that is hosting the Britain First meeting on February 7th to cancel the booking now, rather than provide a platform for the group to promote its racist and hate-fuelled politics.

The challenges faced by ordinary people, in housing and employment and the hardship exacerbated by the cost of living crisis are not caused by refugees and migrants, or Muslims. Attacking and scapegoating sections of our community will only create division and fear. We must work together to create a fairer, more equal society. Britain First offers no solutions for Southampton and they are not welcome in our city.”



Alan Whitehead, MP, Southampton Test 

Cllr Richard Blackman 

Cllr Sarah Bogle 

Cllr Tony Bunday 

Cllr Hannah Coombs 

Cllr Lorna Fielker 

Cllr Barrie Margetts 

Cllr Lisa Mitchell 

Cllr Dave Shields 

Cllr Alex Winning 

Southampton Liberal Democrats 

Southampton & District Green Party 

Wyn Jeffery, Chair, Itchen Labour Party 

Clllr Geoff Cooper (Test Valley) 

Southampton Stand Up To Racism 

Southampton & South Hampshire Hate Crime Network 

Rob Kurn, CEO, Southampton Voluntary Services 

Pete White, Project Manager, CLEAR Project 

Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group 

Sally Churchward, In Common

Nikki Walters, Chair, Southampton Action 

Dr Stephen Sizer, Peacemaker Trust 

Jake Radwell, People’s Pride Southampton 



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