Review: Maja Lena – Heartbreakers, Southampton – 28th January 2023.

Review: Maja Lena – Heartbreakers, Southampton – 28th January 2023.

words and photos by Peter Nicholson.

Following my preview interview with Maja Lena (click here) and listening to her latest album a couple of weeks ago, I was really looking forward to hearing how the very polished tracks from the album would transfer to the live stage. I was certainly not disappointed! 


The trio took to the stage, and, from the first song, it was clear that the set had been honed and rehearsed meticulously. Although Maja Lena seemed slightly nervous to begin with, which is to be expected on the first night of a tour, the nerves soon evaporated and it was clear she was really enjoying bringing the album (and older songs) to a stage. Her angelic voice made me realise how easy a job it would have been for the sound engineer when they recorded the album. Precise notes, beautiful tones and exceptional mic technique (which is a skill overlooked by so many singers). 

The rhythm section of Rob Pemberton on percussion and Alex Hume on bass supported and complimented the vocal performance. The added synth sounds and Maja Lena’s guitar completed the soundscapes. As the set progressed, a classical guitar and double bass added even more dimensions to the music produced by these very accomplished, multi-talented musicians. 

A good barometer of how a performance went, is the reaction of the audience at the end. Do they politely file out, or are they keen to speak to the artists and congratulate them. The later was certainly the case here. I managed to say a quick hello to the trio before they were need at the merch stand to sign albums and set lists. 

Maja Lena’s tour now moves on to Brighton and London before heading further North and to Scotland. It’s a show well worth catching if, like me, you appreciate the obvious hard work that’s gone into this atmospheric and moving set


Review and photographs by: Peter Nicholson



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