Artistic Temperaments festival comes to Turner Sims this month

Artistic Temperaments festival comes to Turner Sims this month

Turner Sims Southampton, in association with the University of Southampton Music Department, presents a brand-new festival from 17 February to 20 February.

Artistic Temperaments takes you on a journey back in time to when the first pianos and keyboard instruments were made – and tuned – very differently.

Featuring an array of historically tuned, antique instruments, David Owen Norris and guests help audiences to discover the classics as they would have sounded to those that composed them.

You can delve into the life and work of one of England’s greatest composers, discover the inside story of the Pianola and explore the influential friendship between Bach and Mozart.

Alongside brilliant performances from professionals and students, enjoy the world’s first piano concertos and a special screening of Elgar and the Missing Concerto, a film by John Bridcut that tells the story of Elgar’s Piano Concerto.

You are also invited to try your favourite Mendelssohn Song without Words on a nineteenth-century piano, or that lovely Bach Prelude on a harpsichord.

Connect with remarkable composers like never before, hearing pieces as you’ve never heard them.

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