Preview: Mike Bubbins: Throwback, Theatre Royal Winchester

Preview: Mike Bubbins: Throwback, Theatre Royal Winchester

TV comedy and podcast star, Mike Bubbins, embarks on his first ever solo UK stand-up tour – bringing audiences what he finds funny – in Throwback, at Theatre Royal Winchester on Tuesday 14 March.

Described as not a powerful, thought-provoking hour of comedy that pushes boundaries and challenges the audience, Throwback is made up of funny stories, impressive characterisations, possibly a song, nostalgia about the good old days and a bit of optimism about the good new days.

With Mike having a laugh about life and not taking himself – or anything – too seriously; or, getting very annoyed at berks from past, present or future.

From the star of the hit podcast, The Socially Distant Sports Bar and from BBC comedies, Mammoth, Tourist Trap and The Unexplainers, Throwback is a comedy show packed with Mike sharing, and bringing to life, stuff that he finds funny.

Mike Bubbins: Throwback will be at Theatre Royal Winchester onTuesday 14 March at8pm. For more information or to book tickets visit: or call 01962 840 440.

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