Isle of Wight vocalist Nina Ross to release debut single, Milk

Isle of Wight vocalist Nina Ross to release debut single, Milk

Isle of Wight based vocalist Nina Ross is set to release her debut single ‘Milk’ next month. 

The track is a cover of a fellow Island band’s song and rising stars, Plastic Mermaids (who connect via mutual drummer,

Chris Jones). Nina delivers a pure, stripped-back melancholic

version of the song with intimate, jazz/folk vocals leading the listener into a downtempo electronic inspired track.

 The song is about witnessing someone you love flounder in the face of hidden hurts and the difficult circumstances and emotions surrounding that.

Nina says ‘the band released an acoustic version during lockdown, and I was struck by its raw honesty, emotional impact and vulnerability. I just knew I wanted to sing it.

“I connected with the experience of hiding emotions away and the impact of that. We all experience a yearning to understand and be understood during times of tough to express emotions. It’s this kind of complexity I’m interested in exploring.’

  Nina’s driving creative fascination is with how we connect with one another through complex and shifting emotions and then telling those stories.

 Musically, while jazz trained, she also brings into play influences from folk, art pop, trip hop, electronica and a childhood history as a classical singer.

 Milk is available on April 7th on all streaming platforms


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