Southampton’s Pegasuses share Snowglobe: a Christmas song even a Grinch would love!

Southampton’s Pegasuses share Snowglobe: a Christmas song even a Grinch would love!

In a world saturated with traditional holiday tunes, Pegasuses, the musical duo comprising of vocalists Laura Lamb and Dave Miatt (former lead guitarist of Thomas Tantrum), offer a breath of fresh air.

After recording their debut album this year with producer Russell Marsden (Band of Skulls/Alberta Cross) at Snook Studio, Pegasuses are here with their first offering, the dreamy winter track, “Snowglobe”. 

Breaking away from the conventional Christmas song formula, “Snowglobe” offers a respite from the overplayed classics. It may be the perfect anthem for those seeking an alternative soundtrack to their festivities, whilst avoiding falling victim to the infamous Whamageddon challenge.

“Snowglobe” is the first single from the duo’s forthcoming album. Set for release in 2024, the LP promises to be a refreshing addition to the music scene. With an eclectic fusion of sweet harmonies and darkly comic lyrics, they have spared no effort in crafting a unique collection of songs.

Russell Marsden, long-time fan of the duo says: “I’ve been a devotee of Dave since his Thomas Tantrum days, and now with Lamb’s stunning vocals in the mix, I’ve really loved producing this new record with my fellow Sotonians.”

Pegasuses will lead you through their own wintery wonderland with “Snowglobe”. Streaming now on all major platforms, for fans of First Aid Kit, John Prine and Low. 

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Image by Joy McKay.

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