Omid Djalili comes to Eastleigh this autumn with Namaste show

Omid Djalili comes to Eastleigh this autumn with Namaste show

Omid Djalili, is set to take his brand-new show Namaste on the road this autumn, bringing him to The Point, Eastleigh, for two nights.

Namaste is typically a word associated with peace and tranquillity, but the word – which comes from Sanskrit – literally means “bowing to you”. And as he watches a world on fire, as climate change, terrorism, financial instability, oceanic pollution, and depletion of natural resources tear ever more at the fabric of our lives, Omid has decided he’ll eschew tranquillity, and bow instead to his inner anger.

Namaste sees Omid peacefully and joyfully control that rage and unleash a torrent of comedic vitriol upon the current state of this dangerously messed up planet. No government gets a green card. No tyrant avoids a take down.

A firm favourite at the Edinburgh Festival, Omid’s stand-up awards include the Time Out Award for Best Stand Up. He’s also been both a Perrier Award nominee and a winner of the Edinburgh Award Panel Prize. Omid was also awarded a Best Actor award at the Turin Film Festival for his lead performance in The Infidel. His credits range from Hollywood to television and the West End Stage with critically acclaimed performances as Fagin in Oliver! and Reb Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.

Most recently, Omid starred in the award-winning movie Journey To Bethlehem as one of the Wise Men and as Bridget Christie’s husband in the highly acclaimed series The Change on Channel 4. He also hosted two series of Winning Combination on ITV1.


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07-Oct-24      BRIDGWATER                                 MCMILLAN

08-Oct-24      TAUNTON                                         BREWHOUSE


11-Oct-24       SOUTHPORT                                   COMEDY FEST

15-Oct-24      BANBURY                                         THE MILL

16-Oct-24      BANBURY                                         THE MILL

17-Oct-24      FINCHLEY                                        ARTS DEPOT

18-Oct-24      CHESHAM                                        ELGIVA THEATRE

19-Oct-24      SHREWSBURY                               THEATRE SEVERN

20-Oct-24      ANDOVER                                        THE LIGHTS

21-Oct-24      ANDOVER                                        THE LIGHTS

24-Oct-24      BRACKNELL                                     SOUTH HILL PARK

25-Oct-24      EASTLEIGH                                      THE POINT

26-Oct-24      EASTLEIGH                                      THE POINT

27-Oct-24      EPSOM                                              THEATRE

28-Oct-24      BRISTOL                                           REDGRAVE THEATRE

29-Oct-24      BRISTOL                                           REDGRAVE THEATRE

30-Oct-24      BRISTOL                                           REDGRAVE THEATRE

01-Nov-24     LICHFIELD                                        GARRICK

02-Nov-24     LICHFIELD                                        GARRICK

04-Nov-24     MILTON KEYNES                            THE STABLES

05-Nov-24     MILTON KEYNES                            THE STABLES


07-Nov-24     COLCHESTER                                 ARTS CENTRE

08-Nov-24     COLCHESTER                                 ARTS CENTRE

11-Nov-24      MAIDSTONE                                     HAZLITT THEATRE

12-Nov-24     MAIDSTONE                                     HAZLITT THEATRE

13-Nov-24     NORDEN FARM                              ARTS CENTRE

14-Nov-24     NORDEN FARM                              ARTS CENTRE

21-Nov-24     WORCESTER                                  HUNTGINDON HALL

22-Nov-24     WORCESTER                                  HUNTGINDON HALL

23-Nov-24     WORCESTER                                  HUNTGINDON HALL

30-Nov-24     FARNHAM                                        MALTINGS

17-Jan-25      IPSWICH                                           REGENT THEATRE

18-Jan-25      CHICHESTER                                  FESTIVAL THEATRE

21-Jan-25      RADLETT                                          THEATRE

22-Jan-25      RADLETT                                          THEATRE

23-Jan-25      RADLETT                                          THEATRE


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