Photos of much loved locations in Eling

Photos of much loved locations in Eling

by Mike Daish.

I am confined to my flat at the moment and have been inside for almost four weeks now. To pass some of the time I am looking at old photos and enjoying the memories they invoke. Something I do regularly is go out on little cycle rides locally and take a few photos along the ride. This series of photos was taken around Eling at different times. 

The first picture shows a container ship at dockside viewed from Goaty beach. I often sit here and relax part way through a ride and grab a picture or three.


One morning while cycling I noticed something moving on the path in front of me so I got the camera out as fast as I could and managed to grab a couple of shots of this wonderful pheasant crossing the path. 


The third picture is of a bee, something I could sit and watch for hours. Until I started doing photography I did not realise we had so many different types.   


This picture was taken from the far end of Eling’s little toll bridge one evening as the sun was setting. Such a beautiful place to stand and watch a sunset. Normally there is a good variety of birds to spot near here. It is one of the best places I know to watch for a kingfisher.


This was taken near a little foot bridge over the river just a short walk from the toll bridge. I was lucky not to spook this little egret, which was having a fair bit of success fishing at low water. It also provided me with this pleasing photograph.


Last but not least, the local family of swans is always a treat to see about on the water. This shows one of the adults with a cygnet at high tide feeding between the boats near the Anchor pub.