Book Review: Beneath a Polish Sky by Lucy Rose

Book Review: Beneath a Polish Sky by Lucy Rose

reviewed by Chris Richards.

In Beneath a Polish Sky we see three lives change in one night. It is a story with emotional intelligence, compassion, and a strong moral compass. The three main characters come together in a hotel in Poland each from a distinct background.

Harry Graves is a young British man starting out in a new job with reservations about his ability to fit in socially. Egon Katz is a 50-year-old German man and the CEO of hugely successful company on the brink of making its first million, learning what price he’s paid for his success. Pettra Ivanovna is a young Russian gay woman trying to find the courage to be herself and take the leap to find acceptance after costly rejections in her past.

Each chapter is headed with an indicative name and date or time. Lucy Rose uses flashbacks/forwards to inform us about her characters’ significant and formative moments. The story is anchored to one night in the Polish hotel. The implications of the characters’ interactions, no matter how incidental, have a direct impact on their trajectory to a contented end. This is not an easy read, there are potentially triggering scenes, but all are written with care, empathy, and art.

It’s difficult to place this book in single category for recommendation. This is a story about transition so anyone seeking a fresh perspective or the inspiration to be brave may benefit. The heady and intoxicating feelings of growing up and moving forward into adulthood can find shelter here.

Some of you may recognise the name Lucy Rose as one of our very own regular contributors to In Common as well as lead guitar for local LGBT+ punk-rock band Hunting Hearts. Beneath a Polish Sky is Lucy’s debut novel.

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