Photos: the little things

Photos: the little things

by Mike Daish.

I often hear the phrase, it’s the little things that matter most and I tend to agree. Since being able to get outside, with the easing of lockdown, and enjoy the local countryside again I have loved watching all the little things I have missed so much.

Each day I go out for exercise walks and take a camera with me to grab photos, many of which are of little things often passed by with out too much attention or even noticed at all. I have mainly been walking to my favourite very local spots like Eling, Salmonleap and Testwood lakes.

Recently I saw this stunning little thick legged flower beetle which seemed to sparkle in the bright sunshine. Such a lovely colour and an almost metalic sheen to its body.






So many bees about visiting the many different flowers around this time of year especially on the bushes that will soon be full of blackberries instead of the pretty pink flowers that are there now. This bee was just landing on this flower as I snapped it.





Many foxgloves have sprung up in the area and always make for a pleasing image especially after a little rain with their delicate pastel colours.






It’s great to once again to see squirrels darting about in the trees and foraging along the ground. I spotted one watching me from a low branch while nibbling eagerly on its recently found snack.






Then there are the butterflies and so many of them almost every where I look.To be able to sit int he middle of a meadow and watch them flutter around is such a great treat.






I get so much joy from being able to see these little things and appreciate so much that there are many local places to visit where they thrive.