Photos: A morning walk at Christmas

Photos: A morning walk at Christmas

by Mike Daish.

I got up quite early and decided to have a morning walk to Eling.  I had a very quite walk there and only saw one other person, we wished each other a merry Christmas while passing.

I took a seat near the Anchor pub and sat by the waters edge watching two Swans for a little while before continuing towards the little toll bridge.

A few boats sat on blocks out of the water having work done on them. Some of the undersides provide for some great colours and textures. 

Next to the Toll bridge’s hut there is a Christmas tree beside which stood a little decorated traffic cone. It was worth coming out just to see that cheerful looking cone.

Across the bridge and through the little grave yard and onto the boardwalk towards the next bridge along the way. 

The colours and details in the leaves seems enhanced still damp from the rain in the night.

A robin landed quite close to me and I managed to entice it a little closer with some wild bird food. It look so cute all puffed up almost in to a ball. 

Then I circled back to the Anchor pub and sat a while longer and enjoy the view across the water with the old church visible through the trees and the boats sat in the mud waiting for the tide to once again float them for a while. 

I do this walk so often and never get bored of it or taking photos along the way. Hope you enjoyed these words and pictures.


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