Student art exhibition seeks to make connections in Southampton

Student art exhibition seeks to make connections in Southampton

A new exhibition of artworks created by Fine Art students from Solent University comes to Southampton’s Guildhall Square next month.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Connections’, will be exhibited in repurposed shipping  containers, and runs from April 2 to 6. 

Each student will be interpreting the theme of ‘Connections’ in their own way, through a range of different media. Some will be looking at Southampton’s history, while others will be examining the social and cultural aspects of life in the city. From these diverse interpretations, comes a broad range of work, including sculpture, digital drawing, and painting, which will be on display in the two shipping containers and in the Solent Showcase gallery window.  

For the past few months, the students have been working together and learning as a  group how to successfully set up an exhibition, for their Collaboration module at  university. During this time, they have all gained new skills such as communication,  teamwork, self-motivation, delegation, organisation, time-management, commercial and  professional skills and installation and curation.  

Georgia Menear, one of the students who will be exhibiting work at the exhibition, said: “We realise this has been valuable for our education and for our future and are grateful that we have had this opportunity. We are confident from this experience that we will be able to work together and arrange more exhibitions in the future. We really hope people come to visit our exhibition and we look forward to sharing our work with the people of Southampton.”

Sarah Filmer Associate Lecture in Fine Art at Solent University said: “Working with the art students as they plan, market, make work for, curate and install their first art exhibition is the highlight of my teaching year. Supporting them through this complex and difficult process and watching them learn a range of skills that will equip them for whatever life may have in store for them, is an absolute privilege. I cannot wait to get to the opening night, when I am sure I will see them realise that by collaborating to work through a range of challenges, and showing their thoughtful artworks, they have become fully fledged artists.” 


For more information, visit: Instagram: @connections_exhibition Twitter: @_connections_ Facebook:  Connections_exhibition 

The duration will be 12pm until  6pm each day. This is a free exhibition and is open to the public every day.  


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Sophie Overd, who is taking part in the exhibition